What is Rosin Tech

Now anyone can easily create quality solventless hash with Rosin Tech.  Need to dab, but don’t have any concentrates to vaporize?  Rosin can be made in less than 10 minutes and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your product.  All you need is a hair straightener, some parchment paper, some marijuana and you are on your way.  Check out the store here

Basic Rosin Tech

Step 1: Decide which nugs to squish.  The nugs should weigh anywhere from .3g to .7g.


Step 2: Set your Remington hair straightener to the lowest setting which is usually 310 degrees F.


Step 3: Cut parchment paper into about 4″ x 8″ rectangles and fold them in half securing the nugs inside


Step 4: Press down on the straightener for 3-10 seconds.  Hearing a sizzle is an indicator to stop pressing.  This can be achieved by punching down with a fist, stomping with your feet or with the ball of you palm.  It will help if there is some type of cloth between your hand and the hair straightener.  The hair straightener gets very hot after two or three presses.


Step 5: Once squeezed, let the rosin cool and collect.  This can be done with the parchment paper closed or open.  Sometimes you can repress the rosin chip if it still feels wet.  I like to fold the chip in half or stack 1-3 chips on top of each other to squeeze out any last rosin.  Below is the collected rosin slabbed out and sliced up ready to dab.

2016-06-02 00.30.51

 Check out the Advanced Rosin Tech Page for more Developed Methods


Is Rosin harmful to smoke?

  • No, heat and pressure added to the marijuana to extract the Rosin.  It can be argued that Rosin is safer than BHO.  There are zero chemicals needed to extract the oils from marijuana using rosin tech, like there is with BHO.  Rosin Tech and BHO have different terpene profiles, so they may taste slightly different.  They are both derived from the marijuana plant which makes them safe drugs to vaporize and consume.

Is Rosin safe to make?

  • Rosin is completely safe to make.  All you need is a heat press to extract the oils from the plant.  Just be careful not to burn your hand in the pressing process.

Can Rosin turn into budder or wax?

  • Yes, if there is air or water trapped in your tosin.  This happens when the temperature the rosin is squished is too low or on the type of material you are pressing.  Keep your rosin covered in parchment paper and keep it out of the sun to ensure it does not budder up.

Who is the Original “Bud Squisher”

  • Many people are aware of Rosin Tech, but the one who launched this new way to extract oil is known as SoilGrown.  In February of 2015, Rosin Tech exploded in the cannabis community.  It started showing up everywhere.  Every extract artist, marijuana connoisseur, weed enthusiast and stoner was

    SoilGrown’s page in February 2015

    making and testing this new form of concentrate.   This method of extracting oils from plants has been done in the past, but SoilGrown perfected the skill for marijuana.  SoilGrown can be found on instagram with many other Rosin Techers.

Rosin vs Resin

Rosin is the solid form of Resin.  Resin is obtained from plants like pine and marijuana.  Rosin is produced by heating liquid reIMG_0076sin to vaporize the liquid components.  At room temperature rosin is brittle, at higher temperatures it melts and eventually vaporizes.  Resin is what is on the plant and resin transforms into rosin once extracted from the plant.  Violin rosin is made from taking the resin from certain species of pine trees.  The transformation of the IMG_2066resin into rosin is usually accomplished by distillation in large copper stills.  Marijuana Rosin can be collected using solely heat and pressure.