Basic Rosin Tech

Basic Rosin Tech

Follow these steps to make homemade rosin

Step 1: Decide which nugs to squish.  The nugs should weigh anywhere from .3g to .7g.


Step 2: Set your hair straightener to the lowest setting.  A desired pressing temp is 180-240 degrees F.


Step 3: Cut parchment paper into about 4″ x 8″ rectangles and fold them in half securing the nugs inside.  I like to push my nugs into the crease of the folded parchment so it makes it easier to line up with the middle of hair straightener.


Step 4: Press down on the straightener for 10-15 seconds.  Hearing a sizzle is an indicator that rosin is being extracted from the flowers.  This can be achieved by using a 600lb irwin clamp.  Time pressing for lower temperatures as low as 200 degrees F can go for 45-60 seconds.  After your first press, set aside your rosin chips to be pressed one more time before disposal.  Fold your chip(s) in half and press one or two at a time with same procedure as your first press.  Second presses do not have as good a terpene profile, but the rosin still contains a lot of THC.  I like to keep my first and seconds presses separate.


Step 5: Once squeezed, let the rosin cool and collect.  Pick out any particulate with a dabber.

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