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-Parchment Paper-

1) Parchment Paper Sheets, Bleached 8″x8″ 35 lb Silicone+ FOLDED

2) Parchment Baking Paper 30 Square Feet (Pack of 3)

3) Kirkland Parchment Paper – $10.99

4) Oil Slick Sheet Teflon Roll 48″x16″ (2 Pack) – $34.95

 -Hair Straighteners- 

View the Heat Press Guide

Heat and Pressure is used to extract the rosin heads from the plant.  A hair straightener is one of your best options to get the job done successfully .  Any of the 2 inch hair straighteners are capable of doing the job.  The 1 inch model is an option for smaller hash presses, but not highly recommended.  View the full heat press guide for more information.

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Heat Press Remington OSIR Conair Remington Small
Size 2” wide 2” wide 2” wide 1″ wide
Heat 270 – 450ºF 175- 400ºF 200 – 400ºF 270 – 400ºF
Weight 14 oz 15 oz 1 lb 53 lbs
Built-in-Timer NO NO NO NO
Warranty* 4 year limited 2 year + Money Back Guarantee 2 year 2 year
Price* $25.50 $37.99 $19.99 $18.99

*As of 5/30/16


1) Melitta Cone Coffee Filters Natural Brown #4 100 count

2) Rosin Industries

3) Six Star Rosin Screens

  • 100% Nylon (More durable than polyester).
  • Food grade and UV sterilized for maximum safety.
  • Strong single thread stitching for maximum yield while preventing blowout.



Clamps are a must when it comes to pressing rosin with a hair straightener.  These 300lb and 600lb clamps have plenty of force to extract every ounce of rosin from your marijuana.  Using your body’s brute strength is not as efficient compared to pressing with a 600lb clamp.  The IRWIN clamps are perfect for pressing marijuana between a hair straightener.  They are small, light weight and portable compared to Vices or Arbor Presses.

1. IRWIN QUICK-GRIP SL300 12-Inch – $19.00

2.  IRWIN QUICK-GRIP XP600 12-inch – $25.00 – Recommended


Hair Straighteners can be used with a vice to apply gradual pressure when pressing rosin.  A vice can hold the straightener in place while inserting pressing materials between the press.  A vice works great for pressing dry sift or hash that has been folded in a screen.  Farmer Joe Parker uses one here.

1. Universal Table Vise 3″- $19.00

2. Yost Home Vise 4″ – $25.00

3. IRWIN Tools Clamp-on Vise 3″ – $20.00

4. Wilton Bench Vise 4″ – $45.00

-Arbor Press-

Using your hand to press Rosin gets very tiring after multiple presses.   Using an external tool to apply the force saves a lot of energy and time.  An Arbor Press is a great tool for the job.  This piece of equipment applies a lot of vertical force.  This is great for squeezing and extracting the essential oils away from the plant.  The arbor press is great used with large metal heating plates.  The hair straightener method works better with a IWRIN clamp.

1. ABS Arbor Press – .5 Ton – 11″ Height – $58.99

2. Central Machinery 1 Ton Arbor Press – $49.99

3. Northern Industrial Arbor Shop Press 1/2 Ton – $44.99

-Hydraulic Presses-

Hydraulic Presses are great for do-it-yourself rosin presses.  These are unnecessary when only using a hair straightener as your heat source.  Hydraulic presses can offer much for force compared to a clamp, vice or arbor press.  Where an Arbor Press can only generate 1-2 tons of force, a Hydraulic Press can generate 20 tons of force.  This enormous amount of pressure is great for pressing flowers.  In order to make rosin with these hydraulic presses, a set of additional heat plates need to be purchased and added to the press.

1)Baileigh HSP-10H Hydraulic Shop Press – 10 Ton Capacity – 13-1/2″ Working Width – $500.00

2)Dake B-10 Model Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Press, 10 Ton Capacity, 23″ Length x 18″ Width x 36″ Height – $280.00

-Pneumatic Heat Presses-

Pnuematic Presses are great for do-it-yourself rosin presses.  These types of presses require a air compressor to operate.  Pneumatic presses can offer much for force compared to a clamp, vice or arbor press.  The great things about these presses is they have a heat source built into the system.  The hydraulic presses shown above require an addition set of heat plates which need to be screwed onto the press in order to make rosin.  These presses have heat plates built in and solely require a air compressor to operate.

1. Pneumatic Heat Press 6″ x 8″ – $1310.00

2. Pneumatic Auto Heat Press 5″ x 5″ – $1215.00

3. Pneumatic Heat Press 6″ x 6″ – $1749.00

4. DEWALT 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor – $164.99

T-Shirt Heat Presses-

View the Heat Press Guide

When there is a lot of marijuana flower to be pressed, it is a good idea to use a large scale heat press.  A larger heat press than a hair straightener would be a T-shirt press which is perfect for pressing large amounts of flower.  Below are best selling items on Amazon.  These are all good option for pressing rosin.  One of the most reliable and affordable presses on the market is the PowerPress.  Other brands like the Gecko, TransPro and Promo Heat are other great options, which come in all different sizes.

1. PowerPress 15×15-Inch T-Shirt Heat Press – $249.99 – Recommended

2. New Digital 15″ x 15″ T-Shirt Heat Heat Press Machine 1515GB – $229.99

3. Gecko T-Shirt Press 15 x 15-Inch – $269.99

4. Promo Heat Swing-away Sublimation Heat Transfer Press (PRO-230B) – $169.95

5. Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Sublimation Heat Transfer Press (PRO-7150A) – $209.99

6. Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Heat Press (PRO-3804X) – $199.99


7. TransPro Heat Press 15″ X 15″ – $299.99



– Rosin Making Extras –

Dry sift is a material made from sifting THC of marijuana plant material.  More information on dry sift can be found on the website.

1) Aluminum Hash Dry Sift Shaker – $19.99

After you squeeze your nugs into the parchment paper, some type of tool is going to be needed to collect the rosin.  These tools below will work for the job, but any dabber can work just fine.

2) Santa Cruz Shredder Multi-Purpose Titanium Tool

3) 12-Piece Rosin Collection Set

Sometimes fresh rosin is too sappy to collect off the parchment paper.  Below are items to help collect rosin after it has been pressed.  The ice packs are good to chill down the rosin so it easier to collect in a ball.  Sappy warm rosin doesn’t stick together well.  The baking sheets are small and good for a hard surface that can be collected on.  The stainless steel and aluminum options are great because they can be chilled to help with rosin collection.

4) Dynarex Instant Cold Pack, 4 Inches x 5 Inches, 24-Count

5) Brilliant Stainless Steel Small Rectangle Tray – Quality StainlessLUX Serveware for Your Home

6) Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Quarter Sheet

To squeeze out all the rosin heads from the plant, it takes a lot of pressure.  This can be quite difficult when pressing down on the hot hair straightener.  I recommend getting a heat resistant glove when trying to make Rosin.

HSI Professional Heat Resistant Glove
HSI Professional Heat Resistant Glove 2x