More Purple Rosin Hits the Scene

When it comes to purple rosin, it is always mind blowing.  Rosin is usually golden yellow in color, which is why some people believe these purple rosin posts are fake.  In fact they are 100 percent real.  The reason for the purple color in the rosin is because the strains that are being pressed are high in a chemical called anthocyanin.  Most marijuana strains have clear trichome heads, but in some occasions the trichome heads will be purple.  This color is due to the water soluble chemical anthocyanin in the trichome heads.  More of this chemical is produced when the plant is cold.


Early in May of 2016, the purple rosin has been brought back.  We were first introduced to the purple rosin in August of 2015 when @mrmarijuana and @moxie710 pressed there Lucky Number Sleven.  That rosin turned out vibrant purple and melted so nicely on the nail as you can see.  A couple months later, at the beginning of 2016, @chewberto420 brought some even darker purple rosin to the game.  He twaxed his up all day.  His rosin got so popular High Times Magazine featured it on their page.


Now @deliciasdelte and @balearic_extracts are joining the purple rosin game with there ever so light lavender rosin.  They pressed some Mendocino Purple Kush dry sift which you can see above.  This dry sift rosin turned out extremely light and looks extremely terpy.  I can only wish to try some.  The post below I reposted from @deliciasdelte.  In a matter of days this post got almost 2000 likes.  I have to agree with the public and say this purple rosin is absolutely amazing.

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