GECKO T-Shirt Press 15″ x 15″

GECKO T-Shirt Press 15″ x 15″

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Price: 325.99

Just like the Power Press, the GECKO’s ability to produce Rosin is fantastic.  T-shirt presses provide heavy even force to make Rosin.  It can press flower and dry sift without a problem.  The high amounts of force that can be applied to the T-shirt press created a lot of pressure between the plates.  These high pressures easily extract the Rosin from the plant matter.  This T-shirt press turns producing rosin into a very efficient and fast process.  The GECKO is another great T-shirt press with a lot of 5 star reviews that would be great for your Rosin Tech.


  • High Force
  • Large Scale Runs
  • Large Surface Area
  • Variable heat setting
  • Timer

Overall: 4 out of 5

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