Boondock Alchemist Rosin Tech


Cannabis Cup Winner and Extract Artist

dry suft picBoondock Alchemist is an experienced extract artist and has been taking home multiple trophies for his hand-squished rosin.  Circa early 2015, rosin tech began to sweep the cannabis community and caught the attention of High Times – officially adding rosin to the non-solvent category of the Cannabis Cup.  Since then, the MA-based Boondock Alchemist has been dominating the category with his highest quality rosin.  In November of 2015, at the World Cannabis Cup, Boondock Alchemist took home first place for the best non-solvent hash with his Strawberry Banana rosin.  In 2016, at the U.S. Cannabis Cup, Boondock Alchemist did it again with his Strawberry Banana Bubble hash Rosin in the best non-solvent hash category.  What makes Boondock Alchemist’s extracts better than rest?2016-06-02 00.30.51

When it comes down to it, Boondock Alchemist is among one of the most elite teams of expert growers and hash connoisseurs.  Boondock Alchemist and MassGenetics have worked together for years to cultivate the most exotic genetics and growing techniques.  The amount of time and effort put into their plants is the foundation of Boondock Alchemist’s reign over the rosin category.  MassGenetics has won best sativa in 2015 for his Strawberry Banana. Not only has Boondock won for his rosin, but his solvent extracts are also award-winning.  Ultimately, the starting material that you put into your extracts needs to be the best if you want the best product.  When HowToRosinTech visited Boondock Alchemist, we got to experience first-hand just how top-shelf his material is.

Boondock and HowToRosinTech Rosin Squish

website weedWe squished a 3.5 grams of MG1, Deadhead OG and Tangie mixed dry sift stored in the freezer and brought back to room temperature before pressing.  The tech used to produce the rosin was very simple – using only a standard hair straightener at a temp of approximately 250F and a coffee filter as the screen, some of the most amazing rosin I have ever experienced was made from that dry sift.  A strong unbleached coffee filter, also recommended by FarmerJoeParker, works great for keeping your rosin free of particulate matter.  Boondock Alchemist pressed his material for just under 15 seconds, until we started to the hear the sizzle.  As soon as he released the press and opened the parchment, terps flooded the room.  With a quick swipe of some parchment to collect the rosin, the Boondock Alchemist collection tech was super efficient.  No dabber or scraping tool needed, just a ridge on a piece of parchment made quick work of collecting the rosin.  Check out the video on Instagram and YouTube of the HTRT Rosin Tech Sesh with Boondock Alchemist to see his tech and superior dab edit

So what is next for the Boondock Alchemist? With two Cannabis cup wins already under his belt, it would be awesome to see him enter more of his Rosin.  Back in 2015 Boondock entered his Strawberry Banana BHO into the Chalice festival; a highly competitive hash cup in California.  Chalice had over 200 entries and he took home 1st Place for best extract sativa, which gassed-up his brand.  It was crazy to see a Massachusetts extractor winning a California held competition for best overall concentrate.  Since then his team has really taken off acquiring their own strains thanks to MassGenetics.  Their Gluestick is their GG#4 cut which is super terpy and unique.  MassGenetics #1 (MG1) is their Holy Grail Kush cut, which won at the Beast Coast Secret cup, crossed with Grape Stomper OG.  Their most recent project is crossing Strawberry Banana with Grape Stomper OG.  This is the line of seeds that they have been talking about dropping.  This will be the first strain in the MassGenetics seed program which they are eager to start.  All of their work is supreme and constantly improving.  They have a lot more to come and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2016 entails for them.