Best Home Rosin Tech

The Heat

The first thing you will need is a source of heat.  Hair straighteners have two heating plates which are perfect for squishing marijuana.  The Remington is one of you’re best bets for rosin hash making.  It is a cheap but very effective heat source to extract rosin.  It is recommended to set your Remington to 300 degrees F when doing your presses.  Presses should held for about 5 to 6 seconds.

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Best 2inch Remington Hair Straightener for Rosin – $29.99

I can’t leave out the Conair 2 inch hair straighter when it comes to pressing rosin.  This cheap plastic hair starightener may crack after a couple time of use, but will last a long way if handled with proper care.  I can get at least 50 presses with the Conair with zero electical problems.  The plastic will completely break before the eletrical stops working.  The broken Conairs can be rebiult into a handheld item using some opoxy and extra parts shown here.  The Conair makes great rosin at setting 12-14 on the dial with a 5-6 second hold.

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Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener for Rosin – $20.00

The Force

The next thing you need to focus on is applying high force and pressure to your marijuana.  By squeezing your marijuana between a hair straightener and a IRWIN Quick-Grip 600lb Clamp, you will produce maximum yields from your marijuana.  It is suggested to press your marijuana nug 3 times before you discard of it.  The IRWIN Quick-Grip 600lb Clamp makes easy work of this process.  The only concern with using this clamp is the high pressing forces may break your hair straightener.  It has been recorded that a hair straightener with the clamp can press 100 grams before you have to worry about it breaking.  The 6 inch model is recommended.

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– 6inch or 12inch Model

IRWIN Tools QUICK-GRIP XP600 Clamp – $22.00-$26.00


The marijuana needs to be placed between parchment so the Rosin from the squished has a place to be collected after it has been pressed.  A guided step-by-step tutorial for how the marijuana nugs should be set up can be found here.  It is suggested to press your marijuana nug 3 times before it is discarded.  I press about .5 gram marijuana nugs for 5-6 seconds 3 times in a row.  Doing multiple presses ensures all the Rosin gets extracted from your marijuana.  I cut about 4 inch x 8 inch parchment rectangles and fold them in half to make my rosin compartments.  I do this as fast as possible with a scissor.

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Reynolds Parchment Paper 2 Count

Total Investment only $60.00

The Science

To ensure proper temperatures while pressing, the Ektekcity Infared Thermometer is the best tool for the job.  The Conair models don’t necessarily need this because they can be left turned on the minimum setting while pressing.  The minimum temperature at setting “1” for the Conair is just under 240 degrees F.  This temp works well for pressing flowers.  The Remington models minimum setting is too high, reading at 300 degrees F, for pressing any type of marijuana.  It helps to use this infared thermometer to gauge the temperatures you are pressing at.