HowToRosinTech is based out of Connecticut, where I was born and raised.  Living in CT limits me from exploring rosin tech with my full potential, but I hope to move to a legal state soon to grow top-shelf marijuana and start graduate school.  I have created this website as a resource for people to learn about rosin and to quickly find the best products for the job.  I have compiled tons of information regarding rosin which I plan to explore and test when I live in a legal state.  The store consists of products used for making rosin on the consumer and commercial level.  I have compiled the best hair straighteners on Amazon for at home do-it-yourself Rosin makers.  In the near future I will be offering a large variety of commercial heat presses for companies to choose from.  The idea behind HowToRosinTech is to help build a collaborative community about Rosin to discuss and discover the best methods for Rosin extraction.


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